terms and people

1. Short for Starbucks Chick. She is the current object of my amorous attempts at companionship.
2. Also short for South Carolina.

1. A mythical beast of North America. See; Bigfoot, yeti, or wendigo.
2. My very large friend. Dresses in all black, has long hair, and generally lurches the American Indian beast of legend.

1. Short for Louisiana.
2. Short for Los Angeles.
3. Used in lieu of the name for the chick in Los Angeles I had a short but passionate relationship with.

my ex
1. Baby mama.
2. Mother of my child.
3. Best friend.

1. One who is to be wed.
2. … to the ex.
3. If I had an actual nemesis, say the Doc Oc to my Spider-Manliness, this’d be him.

my son
1. My child.
2. My love.
3. My inspiration.
4. Unfiltered awesome wrapped up in cuteness.

1. The guy that sleeps on the coach with half an ass hanging out.
2. The guy that pays the other half of the rent.

World of Warcraft; also WoW
1. A video game made by Blizzard.
2. An MMORPG (which also means Mainly Men Online Role Playing Girls).
3. Crack for geeky gamers.

1. Very nice woman at dance classes.
2. Perhaps a future dance partner.
3. State of Massachusetts.

1. Style of music mixing geekery and hip hop. For example see: MC Frontalot


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