2 years later…

June 21, 2012

I’m still alive, and haven’t posted anything in over two years. Doubt anyone even bothers to check this anymore. 


V-Day is here

February 14, 2010

Today is Valentine’s Day. “But Walin” I hear you thinking ” don’t you HAVE a girlfriend this year? Shouldn’t you be not sitting at your computer? Shouldn’t you be with her?” Yeah, I probably should, but first let me tell you a story. This is a tale of deception, lies, and surprise.

I was off work today, but I had a friend call from work and say I needed to work. This did three things: 1. Got Karen out of the house so i could set up for the day. 2. Let me get time away from her to GET the things I need (hard to do when you have someone at your side constantly) and 3. Gave me some time to my fucking self.

Yeah, I shouldn’t complain but everyone needs alone time. It’s Valentine’s Day to boot, so I should feel doubly bad. Perhaps I would if I didn’t have some nice surprises planned. As an update, we have an apartment of our own now. She’s not working yet, though, so she gets bored and much like a puppy, pounces on me and doesn’t let go when I get home from work. Makes it hard to relax.

I love her to death, but I’m not getting the ME time that we, as humans, all require from time to time. So I don’t feel bad about it. She is spending time with her mother today and I am watching porn, blogging, and listening to whatever music I want. We don’t always agree on good bands.

Hope you all have a good day. Anyone have any good porn sites?


almost 30

January 19, 2010

Not happy about it.


the night beckons, compelling me to bake

January 16, 2010

Yes, bake. Now, I know I’ve written before about baking, but this is not just for my own pleasure. This is work baking, which is not really baking at all. There is dough and an oven involved, but outside that the similarities end. I take frozen dough and put it in an oven. Not to discount the pies, but they’re rather tasteless. This job I do from midnight until 8:30 AM. I am alone, except for the speakers that blare out overhead. The Kroger soundtrack is at best unlistenable and at worst intolerable. Sometimes I find myself singing along without my consent. I do not like the Spice Girls (except to make Baby Spice into Woman Spice, if you know what I mean) and certainly don’t know what a zig-a-zig-ah(?) is. It is followed by Hanson, and then I forget because I would rather stab my eardrums with pencils. Sadly, I work in a deli so there are few such utensils about.

In the baby-mama-drama dept: When my hours get cut, your money gets cut. Nuff said. She tells me “It’s not like you’re just giving it to me to be nice” to which I reply “Show me the court ordered child support. Oh wait. I AM doing this of my own accord.” So the lack of $20 seems to have made her believe it’s okay to keep Parker from me. It’s cool. He will grow up wondering why you didn’t let him see daddy, not why daddy didn’t want to see him.

Finished up Dragon Age Origins. Great game. Can’t wait for the expansion, and the new DLC. I highly recommend it if you enjoyed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Speaking of, the KOTOR MMORPG should be out within the year. It will probably pull me away from WoW.

Speaking of WoW, I have cancelled my account. I can’t seem to stay connected to the game. Before leaving, I did level a Paladin to 80, though. ON a PvP server. That shit is easy mode. Hear it was terrible way back. No matter, I will probably be back to the game when Cataclysm hits. Gotta have a Worgen Druid.

Looking forward to Bioshock 2, also. It comes out just before my birthday. I will be 30. I don’t like that idea. Not one bit. The only thing I can say is, I may be thirty but my GF is twenty. Must be doing something right, ya know?


the way things are

January 14, 2010

Right now, I write at home. It is 539 AM and I start work at 6. Still at Kroger, and tonight I bake. That means a late, lonely shift. Not bad though. I draw then, and sometimes write. None of that will make it here. I still hate my job.

The sex is amazing, and enough to make that hate seem far away. She started a  virgin, but broken in she is, amazingly the best sex I’ve ever had. She is bold, adventurous, and likes to give blowjobs. What more can I want? Outside that, she is amazing and we are happy, and will likely move in together sometime. Technically, we live together, but it’s… complicated still.


so far gone from home

January 2, 2010

Well, I am here to say I am not dead… yet. I suppsoe that is very little comfort to anyone who reads this, if there are any left who do. I blame myself, really. There’s noone else to blame. This blog has slid to the wayside, forgotten, neglected, and generally left for dead.

It still breathes inside me, though. Sometimes, I get the urge to blog. I just don’t follow up often. Maybe with the new year, I should try again to blog. To write here, and to write creatively, and to add scribbles to the others. I have three, you know. One for personal writing, one for creative writing, and one for drawing. All of them are decrepit.

So, while I did not make the resolution to do so, I will try to post more…  for anyone left reading… that’s not looking for nude photos of Summer or Ms Lenoire.


Death of a Child Molestor

June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson has died. Many are mourning, but I wonder: Why are we mourning a child molestor? Sorry, but that’s what he was. Were it anyone else, none would give a damn. Perhaps we’d celebrate the death of an accused child molestor during his… what… third trial for the crime.

eBay sales of Jackson’s memorabilia are crawling higher and higher. I saw unopened albums of Thriller for hundreds of dollars. A copy of The Wiz on VHS was $99. This is ridiculous.

Michael Jackson = Child Molestor

Do not mourn. Just go about your business, and hope more child molestors die. “We couldn’t get him on earth, but he’ll get what he deserves” is what my GF’s mother said. Maybe there’s truth to that.