January 10, 2014

So, back to the new life of Walin. Karen and I are married now, which is funy when I go back and read what I wrote right at the beginning of our relationship. Has anything changed in that relationship due to a ring on a  finger and a slip of paper? No, and it shouldn’t. But some things I wish would change.

The Son is 11 now. ELEVEN. He is more like me than is healthy for a child, and so he gets in trouble quite often for his mouth. I’m sure spoken before about conditions at the Ex’s house, but things are worse now than ever. I understand times are tough all over, and I’m doing pretty well for myself now, but I expect more (and so she should she) for her.

Living in a hotel room is fine as a “Just until the end of the month” move, but that month ended a while back now. The money spent on a hotel room is a waste in the long term, and she keeps saying soon they’ll be in somewhere. I bring these concerns up time and again, how I don’t feel out son is in a safe, healthy environment and would like to live with me. Just for the summer even, so she can have an easier time getting herself back on even footing. One less mouth to feed can make a world of difference. With the money I already make and not having to give any support for that time, he would be fine here. Son is scared, I think. He doesn’t want to leave the life he’s known, because no matter how fucked up something is, if it’s all you know it becomes normal. He will tell me how much he hates it in one breat and say no when I ask him if he wants to come live with us. I think he’s afraid to hurt his mother, more than anything.

No matter what I think of her, the Ex is doing her best and my son is mostly happy and healthy (he’s eleven so when the horomones hit we’re all screwed, but he’s fine for now) but her best is not good enough. There are still moments when she complains to me about her other baby daddy, or the living situation, or any number of ridiculous things, and when I give her advice it is completely disregarded.

Advice is not something that HAS to be taken and acted upon, but when I give valid options and you none, but nothing ever changes, you are being stupid.

My good ting for the day I still have a decent job, roof over my head, and food to eat.


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