Back again, beating a dead horse

January 9, 2014

I work, I sleep, I eat. The repetitiveness is there again. Not in such a bad way, though. More of a rhythm, I suppose. I’ve been working at a cable company’s tech support offices. Your internet or phone breaks, you call me. Customer service to the extreme. All the good sides, and bad sides.

My day starts at 5 AM when my alarm goes off, and then I try and wake up until about 615 AM, when I leave for work. I stop at McDonald’s for breakfast, just a sausage McMuffin and a hash brown, then I head into work. I eat my breakfast, make a cup of terrible coffee, and sign in for the day.

I work until 4PM, I drive home, I play video games until about 830PM and then I cook for Karen. We’re married now, by the way. The last time I talked about her was in March, we married in November. Time flies, they say.

About 915 Karen  is home, we eat, we watch TV until about 11, which is bed time.

I don’t really feel in a rut at this point, but I am rather bored most days. I sometimes dive into a creative activity but seldom finish what I started.

These thoughts are scattered, out of focus, and not very well worded. It reminds me of the beginnings of the blog. I need to get back into writing this, as the therapeutic value never really ends, does it? Besides, being in customer service I have a lot of hatred and aggression to the American general public.


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