Dream a little dream…

June 28, 2012

I had a dream the other day that greatly disturbed me. Many of the details were mundane and harmless, but the end is what got to me. The Earth was dying. Oxygen, that gas we so desperately need, was running low. People were dying. We were all that was left. I remember singing Crazy by Aerosmith as we ran to some forgotten destination. Then I remember the blackness overtaking me just before waking. 

I’ve died in dreams before. Well, woke up just before the dying, anyways. This time was different. I could feel all of it. The dsrkness was slow to come, and while running began to slow and the words of Crazy slurred, I could feel my hand falling asleep. Eventually I could not control that hand, or my legs, and died lying on the grass, gasping “I’m crazy for you baby”. 

I immediately woke after that, dramatic, cinematic, and surprisingly without waking Karen, shooting straight up from sleep, eyes wide, breathing heavy. My nose was a bit stopped up, but I doubt that’s what brought the dream. A few moments later I was lying back down, but I wouldn’t be sleeping again for a while. The next day was a drag, but thankfully the dream faded from memory and I can now write it without the tightness in my chest welling up.


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