the way things are

January 14, 2010

Right now, I write at home. It is 539 AM and I start work at 6. Still at Kroger, and tonight I bake. That means a late, lonely shift. Not bad though. I draw then, and sometimes write. None of that will make it here. I still hate my job.

The sex is amazing, and enough to make that hate seem far away. She started a  virgin, but broken in she is, amazingly the best sex I’ve ever had. She is bold, adventurous, and likes to give blowjobs. What more can I want? Outside that, she is amazing and we are happy, and will likely move in together sometime. Technically, we live together, but it’s… complicated still.



  1. So weird, I’m sitting here on a Saturday night, not feeling well and bored. I open up my giant bookmark tab. I save like everything. I’m going down the list and I see Walin, haven’t checked that in a while. And, I see you recently came back to writing.

    Don’t say “broke in” you doofus.

  2. Why not? With what I’m packing it’s the only real way to describe it. 😛

    But, seriously.It’s been nice, cause she didn’t know already what she likes and doesn’t like. It was on the job learning, and not with some horny high school kid who absolutely no clue what he’s doing. I think, in fact, I should break in ALL virgins when they hit 18 years of age. There are worse men to take your virginity, after all.

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