does sex really change EVERYTHING

February 17, 2009

Yeah. That time has come, to make the pun. I am no longer dating an eighteen year old virgin who is still in high school. I don’t know if either of us are sure how we feel about that. She’s not the first girl I’ve deflowered. I didn’t really care the last time, cause I was just fucking a girl for fun. I do now. The age difference is a lot, but I really love this girl. Am I in love with her? Not likely. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love her. Sex is, obviously, a big deal for me. I like sex. Sex is great. And yet, I didn’t pressure her much to this point. It was her decision.

The great part is, she seems to really really love the cock. Good for me.

Do I feel different about the relationship? Not really. With Love, the sex came fast. Our relationship was mostly built on sex, and fell rather easily. That doesn’t change how I felt about her, but it is the truth. This time, the sex came last. For me, it’s an added bonus to things. It is a major thing for her, I imagine. I mean, no matter what happens, I wil always be the guy that she gave her virginity to. That will never be different.

I hope I am worth it. She seems to think so.

Next time, I’ll write about the state of artistic expression in modern high schools. It’s not pretty.



  1. its quite interesting how society places such value on a womans virginity and quite the opposite on a mans

  2. That may be true, but I will always remember my first. While society may not as a whole value mens’ as much, it doesn’t mean we don’t individually. Really, the idea of virginity being important is rather archaic. I suppose it has something to do with dirty old men, though.

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