interesting morning

November 9, 2008

So I stayed the night at Karen’s place, since it was a school night. Nevermind the details, it’s not the why or day that matters in this tale. Just know that her mom was cool with me being there, provided the door was left open. Not that that stops EVERYTHING from going on, ya know.

The night passes into morning, and half asleep I am told by Karen that she is heading to school and her mom said I can sleep there longer if I wanted. I didn’t want to. I wanted to avoid awkwardness at all cost, something I failed at. After Karen left I waited a little bit and tossed my shoes on, gathered my items from my pocket, and started a hasty journey for the door. But I was caught by surprise.

Her mom was awake, watching the news, and offering me a cup of coffee. Now, maybe it’s just me, but when you just walked out of a girl’s bedroom you can’t say no to mom’s coffee. I wanted to run, of course, but didn’t feel I had a choice at this point. I get myself a cup, and don’t bother with asking for the milk and sugar. I felt I HAD to have this cup of coffee, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be quick.

I sipped as the news droned on, conditioning my tongue to the bitterness with lack of sugar. I waited. I think I was waiting for the laying down of The Law. You know, the “If you break my daughter’s heart/take her virginity/so much as even think about hurting this girl… ” that kind of stuff. The things a dad cleaning his shotgun on the porch when you pick up a girl can convey. But this wasn’t dad, this was mom. And she wasn’t cleaning a gun or laying down the law or anything like that. She was just offering a cup of coffee.

She was nice. Very nice, in fact. That’s perhaps what was unsettling about it. She drank her coffee, and we talked about the coming Obama Presidency, and local news stories, but she was just pleasant. The only thing she said about dating Karen was “You seem to be a nice guy, and Karen’s happier than I’ve seen her in a long time. That’s all I’m really concerned about” then went back to the coffee cup.

Karen later tells me her mom was impressed with my political knowledge, like for coffee, and that I seemed very comfortable. Karen thinks my side was funnier, particularly because I wasn’t actually very comfortable at all. Either way, I made it out alive and unscathed.

Now, the question is really do I go to prom or not in the spring?



  1. Why is it that when I stop reading your blog for a week or so all the juicy stuff happens? Holy crap.

    Ten years isn’t so bad. I just heard that Groucho Marx married a girl who was just four years older than his daughter (about 21, I think) when he was in his early fifties!!

    However, is she going to University? How much life experience has this girl had? While you stay the same she still has a lot of changes to go through. Of course, I know you’re not saying you’re in love with the girl or anything…

    I think you are being appropriately cautious and I’m glad you’ve found someone you enjoy spending time with. Go to prom – why the hell not?

  2. lol walin.

    I agree, why the hell not. You said your brother is a nerd and no one likes him, so he won’t be there. ❤

  3. Right now, just cruising with the whole deal. Seems to be working.

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