a little snippy

October 13, 2008

I describe the day shopping, and today something interesting happened. Sort of related to that day, but not really. Just an interesting moment between myself and Larissa, that probably means nothing. It just struck me as odd.

Karen and I are, honestly, getting dangerously close. Sometimes, goodbye hugs linger too long, and last night I fell asleep on her shoulder while at Larissa’s to watch a movie. The problem, she’s too damned young. It’s my fault for hanging with a younger crowd, but that doesn’t mean I cant complain about it. My only viable dating options are someone 10 years younger than or someone completely unnatractive whose personality cannot make up for any physical shortcomings.

Karen and Larissa were both with me on Friday. Today, Larissa mentioned something about being fat, which she isn’t even close to. I stated thus, and she says “You haven’t seen me in anything but the Kroger shirt, which is poofy and ugly” but I came back with “What about Friday”. She was rather snippy when she said “You didn’t look at me, only Karen”.

I was unsure what to say at that point. It’s not that I don’t find her extremely attractive, or funny, or interesting, or have any dislike for her outside her obvious nody image issues. She has a boyfriend, and to me that’s not fair game. I explained exactly that to her, and offered drooling while I stared at her chest in trade. She only laughed, but that’s what I was hoping for.

To be honest, if she were not seeing anyone, I probably would ask her on a date, and ogle more, and generally be trying to get some alone time of some sort. But she is not alone. Her boyfriend seems to be a pretty big jerk, but he is still her boyfriend. It may not seem like I do at times, but I actually do have moral standards. I’ve been on the receiving end of such a situation and wont do that to anyone.

But what was the snippiness? Was it just girl things of which I will never understand, or perhaps she felt spurned by my not so wandering eye? I can’t say I haven’t noticed lately that she has been more hands on. More hugging, arm touching, and the like. Just yesterday I put an arm around her while being silly and walking back from break and hers went around me and head went to my shoulder. But that is silliness on both our parts… right?

I imagine it was just girl things at work. I mean, I know women can get angry when men stare, but when they intend to be stared at, and noone does, it can probably be a little worse.



  1. definitely.

    and wouldn’t you know that women with boyfriends want attention more than single women…? within their relationship, they’re probably already used to being ignored.

    good post though.

  2. Well, her boyfriend doesn’t answer calls when he says he will or call when he says he will. She complains about him a lot. You are probably right.

    On a side note, Karen came over to play board games with me and the roommates, and just generally hang out. It was good, because Particleboy has good insight in women and what they’re thinking. Karen is definately wanting more from me than Candy Land and Clue have to offer. I figured it out on my own, but his view seals the deal.

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