reviewing the past

August 27, 2008

It’s funny how looking back at things affects one. The photos earlier mentioned, letters from long gone lovers, or even your own blog posts. Today it was all of those as well as a lady named Laurie. Laurie is someone is knew in middle school. We ran with the same circle of people and I was ‘dating’ one of her friends (Let’s face it, that’s not really dating in middle school it’s pretending you’re a big boy/girl). After middle school we parted ways, me and the entire circle, because I went to a different high school.

Fast forward a year or two and I was lonely and thinking about those people I ran with. We hadn’t kept much in touch, but I started looking them up in the phone book and calling on them. Laurie was the only one I could get a hold of. We met up, reminisced, and had a generally good time. She asked me to go to her junior prom. Seriously, me in a tuxedo is a sorry sight. Those things are uncomfortable. And we’re talking twelve or so years ago, so I didn’t even have the manly beard yet. I had always liked her in that childhood crush sort of way, but I was stupid and didn’t take the hint that she had one on me. Does it get more obvious than “Hey, wanna come to my prom?” I don’t really think so. We lost touch again, and I started dating The Ex.

Fast forward again and The Ex is gone from my life, I’m drunk most nights (sometimes before work), and generally miserable. I again feel the urge to call on people, but now we have the internet and Myspace. A few Google searches and I find her again. It’s very stalkerish, really, but it was mostly innocent. So I find where she works (it was publicly posted on a company website) and call, leaving a message. She calls back, we catch up some, and meet up to chat when she hits town to visit family again. Course, she has a long time boyfriend by this point, but it was nice just catching up.

Jump a few more years down the line. To Today. No really, today. I’m at work and I see someone familiar, but can’t place them. I just keep working, trying to figure it out. We all know the way that goes. You look, look away, contemplate, look again, contemplate, look away, etc… So I walk away from the case in contemplation and I hear “(Walin)? I thought I recognized you!?”  And with the voice I knew it was Laurie. She was in town visiting family again and happened to be there with her mother and sister. No time to play catch up, we exchanged numbers for a later time. We excanged a friendly hug (in which I think I accidentally molested her. Yes, it can happen. Sometimes you can misjudge where someone’s back ends and their ass begins, ya?)She had lost mine and had a new one herself, so I texted her saying “This is me.” We texted back and forth a few times playing catch up, and it was just nice.

And so I remember all about the prom, and our last meeting, and just felt good all day. It was nice to meet someone who has fond memories of me, because that’s a rarity when you’re as big an asshole as I can be. Usually it’s not on purpose, but that changes not the fact. Long story short, we may try to get together and have some more catch up, but before you get your mind in the gutter, it’s not for that purpose. Even if the thought was in my head, she’s been married for two years to a man I consider lucky.

And now you know about Laurie, too.


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