August 10, 2008

I believe in politeness like I believe in honesty, which I believe in like many believe in Jesus. You don’t question Jesus, you just accept, right? Or at least, that’s the idea. It’s the same with honesty and usually with politeness. But sometimes, politeness can edge and step over bounds into dishonesty, I think. White lies are the obvious example, like “No that color looks great on you” or “you don’t look a day over 30”.

I try to be polite as possible. Some would argue that, but sometimes I just have a wierd sense of humor. Working in the deli I become the polite liar, though. It’s not genuine politeness it’s the expected sort. I tell every customer, even the unsavory bastards that like their turkey shaved to a fine pulp, to have a nice day. What they don’t know is I ususally flip them the bird behind the counter, out of sight, while I’m smiling at them. Of course, anyone that knows me well enough can tell when I’m smiling because I feel I should not because I mean it.

I suppose it’s social protocol to say “I’m good” when someone asks how your day is, or wish them a good day upon parting. I mean, I’m not the most sociable guy in the world but I’m not stupid… usually. Sometimes I do hate the amount of expected politeness I have to dish out. It’s dishonest, but I suppose it’s the right thing to do. Which is why I’ve only flipped off one customer to his face, but he had it coming. Some call it immature, I call it being me.

I really don’t think I’m a bad guy. In fact, I’m one of the better human beings you could meet on my good days. In the end, you always know where you stand with me. The point is, I don’t try or even want to be rude when I am on most occassions. I’m just not graceful or elegant.

I’m just me, like me or not.


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