a seizure in the rain

August 5, 2008

I woke up. I had coffee. I had donuts. I went to the bus. An older couple were walkign tot he stop as I was, and when I crossed the street I noticed something was wrong with the woman. She collapsed. I think she was having a seizure. The rain was picking up slowly while I helped the man keep her from the ground. A few passers by were helping get them home, apparently a block away. I lifted the lady’s legs into one of their cars and helped get situated. I hope she’s okay. By now the rain was really coming down. The bus never showed up. I was soaked.

Good start to the day? Maybe. I really hope she’s alright, and the fact a few people stopped their cars to check on things helps give me hope in humanity.



  1. One thing I noticed every time I visit the state you live in, and the one directly below it… Everyone is super friendly, almost overly friendly. When I had car problems I was offered help, rides, and gas money. I was completely amazed. I think it’s your state.

  2. Or…. Hot chick with big breasts?

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