“on whose money?”

July 26, 2008

That’s the response I received from The Ex after talking about the message from LA. As if my money was her money already. She brings up the emotional possibility of me getting depressed when things fall apart, as if I don’t understand where things are now. As if she knows me like she always has.

Frankly, I’m just tired of listening to her ramble on and on about my life like she has any say in what happens in it. She’s again only worried about one thing, and that’s money. Forget that I could use a real vacation for once. Forget that I haven’t finalized any plans yet. Forget that maybe I’m flattered when a hot chick asks me on vacation… again. And that it made me feel good to be asked, even if I can’t go.

I’m tired of her expecting me to not have a life, still, yet feels she deserves to have a better one. I need to work on my own life, and I can’t get anywhere like this. I feel stuck again, and the break up really didn’t help with that. There’s no forward motion, I’m in debt, and as long as I’m stuck here I will get nowhere. How the fuck do I break free of all of this? I don’t think anyone has those answers.

But maybe it starts with a vacation.



  1. You are one of the dumbest people I know. You consistently make bad decisions and this blog constantly makes me cringe.

    But, you’re generally a nice guy. Get your shit together man.

  2. Don’t forget sexy.

  3. I think if you look at your ex like your ex and not one of your friends (even though you may want her to be) it might help you out. You have to remember that of course she has one thing in mind, and that thing is not if you are happy or not. That’s not to say she is wrong in thinking that way, but she is pre-occupied with things other than “the Walin.” Sometimes, when people always get their way, they have a hard time seeing it any other way. I will not bring up my first child’s “real dad” but I just want you to know you are 289374892374923847% better, so just remember, just because you can’t always give 110%, that doesn’t mean you are a piece of shit. It means you are human. To remind you, your job in this world is to 1. take care of you and 2. take care of your son. You can’t possibly accomplish number 2 if you can’t do number 1. Remember, your ex is a person you can talk to and have a past with but she is NOT your friend.

  4. You’re right, Josy, but I can’t help myself.

  5. Can’t help yourself like a cocaine addict can’t stop shooting up, or can’t stop, like that scab on your arm you can’t help picking at? I can slap your hand if you need me too, or I can drive you to rehab.

  6. More like the scab you can’t stop picking at. You know it’ll never heal if you do, but no matter how hard you try you just keep it up. Mostly because I want us to be friends because it’s best for Parker.

  7. hmmm, that might be debatable. It’s best for Parker you can be civil – that I agree.

  8. I’ve been lurking around these parts for a while and I’ve gotta say, I agree with both Josy and Daniel. Keeping the Ex in the loop on the details of your personal life is a bad idea and she’s always going to put her own spin on the stuff you tell her. Also a bit of what Daniel said.

  9. Always happy to hear a new take on things. And yeah, they’re right. They almost always are… bastards.

  10. So i’m in the minority way of thinking but I believe this must be said. He and his ex have a kid…. that makes him beholden to her financially and personally. I love Walin like a brother and he knows I have only the best interests at heart for him and his son. I have also said this plenty of times to him and though I do feel this way I have never taken my support away from him. But to say she shouldn’t be in the know about his personal life is being a little disingenuous. On the flip side I believe he has the same rights as she does. I know his ex and I believe she is a good person and so is The Walin. Their relationship is none of my business so I tend to keep my opinions to myself. I am just being honest and Walin wouldn’t have it any other way ;p

  11. PB… Peanut Butter? I love your sammiches!

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