are you still awake too?

July 26, 2008

I wonder if you are, and what you’re doing. What’s on your mind and playlist? What are you wearing? Do you have a glass of wine? I doubt I’m on your mind at the moment, and that’s okay, but you are on mine. Really, this will get old quickly, much like the line of questions I threw at you. I don’t mean any harm, I just don’t move on quickly, though I admit it gets easier with each time.

I hope you’re not awake. I hope you’re sleeping well and having sweet dreams. I hope your day was good as any other, and tomorrow is even better. I hope next week we can have coffee and I can see you smile. I forget how people look, sometimes, and photos never really look like they’re really us.

I’m not really pining at the moment, just curious. I can’t seem to sleep again, but it’s my own fault and panic. I panic way too much, admittedly. I just try and not panic until I fall asleep. It’s the worst at night. Now I have to wonder about planes, too. lol

Adam at work asked me “If I could relive an event in my life, what would it be?” Perhaps it was the most recent invitation, but I immediately thought of Mexico. I hada good time. I was relaxed, and if you take out the sunburn and injured ankle I don’t think I had been more relaxed before or since. I think it was the ocean.

(there was a lot more to this post. I mean a LOT. But there was an error and i lost it, and now so have you. The two people who actually read this, I mean.)


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