my phone rang at 2AM and woke me up

July 23, 2008

There’s only one person who calls me that late, becuase she always forgets about the 3 hour time difference, but honestly with the night I’ve had I’m glad I called back. It’s amazing how sometimes hearing someone’s voice and laugh just makes things better. And admittedly I have missed LA. Not in that romantic way, but as a good friend. Her stories of crazy legal clients always cheer me up, and let me tell you some of them really are crazy.

And so an hour later I write this in a much better mood, if not a tired one. It was worth it for the catching up. And yeah, the smell of coconut still reminds me of her. Always will, I suppose. If there’s one relationship I really messed up that was it, and I do sometimes regret it, but I’m glad we can still talk. I hope me and Love have the same thing for years to come, because frankly you don’t meet people that interesting very often.


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