new school year

July 17, 2008

But not for me. For my son. yes, he will be entering First Grade next month. I’m so excited, and sad at the same time. Though I’m assured he will always need me, I just feel like he’s growing up and soon won’t even like me any more.

We used to have a ritual, I guess. I would pick him up from the tub and shake the water off. Was silly, funny, and just what we would do. This started when he was an infant in the sink. Now, I can’t even do that anymore. He just stopped needing help out of the tub.

So with school comes new needs, I suppose, but it still feels like too much too fast. I am excited for him, since he’s excited, though. I asked him what he thought and he said the school looked fun. I will be there to drop him off and pick him up on the first day. It will be a special day and I hope to make it thus.


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