date night is overrated

July 14, 2008

Seriously. We tried a few weeks ago to have a date night. We had dinner reservations made and everything. But then somehow we were naked, and missed out plans. So much overratedness there.

But really, it’s the span between meetings. When you haven’t seen someone in a week you miss them emotionally and physically. We can’t really help ourselves, it would seem, and so we don’t get out much. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Not complaining at all. Just saying.

This has led to a fear by Love that my roommates may think she’s just here for the sex, since that’s all we ever seem to do. There are jokes made, yes, but only to me and nothing bad. They get it. New relationships are not some big mystery. We’re like rabbits over here.

All of that aside, I haven’t heard from Love since very early Sunday morning. My paranoia’s not kicking in about it other than just general worry when you don’t hear from someone in a day you normally hear from several times a day. Basically, if you’re blog stalking me today please call me Love. I love you and am crazy, so I’m all worried and shit.


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