party on garth… party on…

July 3, 2008

So I’m playing Warcraft and my buddy from work Garth signs on. We get to bullshitting, but things lead to heavy topics. Like his breakup/fuckbuddy/melted relationship/teen angst situation. He’s 19 and just feeling down. Why do these people find me? Why do they think I have answers? I try to tell them “I’ve had maybe 3 actual serious relationships (loosely using serious) and really only slept with 6 women in my life” and they come to me still with these issues. I don’t mind, but I can only say so many times how things get better, there’re plenty of fish in the sea, and just keep being you and waiting until love slaps you around and calls you Susan like the bitch you are.

I don’t give advice, I tell truths. Truths you already know but need to hear from someone else. I once told a drunken friend who had thoughts of sleeping with a chick he knew he’d regret that “Sometimes, you just gotta get laid” because it’s the truth. An ugly truth, but it is what it is. It’s what I do. And the truth is I have no answers, only recycled cliche phrases that are cliche because they hold, at their core at least, a kernal of truth.

And even still, noone seems to listen. Kids these days… Need to listen to their damned elders. SO now I’m up past my intended bedtime with a full schedule for tomorrow. The cigarette probably doesn’t help, but sometimes you just gotta smoke…


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