feels like home

June 28, 2008

The day was a great one. Myself, Love, and my son had swum the afternoon away. It was hapy and fun. Then Love’s daughter was home from church and her and my son played while we cooked dinner. Playing house, admittedly, but a fun game that felt very good. Her daughter is adorable, by the way. The kids hit it off really well, everybody liked everybody, and it was just… good.

At one point the kids were inside playing while we sat to enjoy the day on the balcony of infamy. Loud noises rose so I went in to make sure the kids were still alive when my son asked me “Daddy, since you’re boyfriend and girlfriend will you get married?”. I was a little jarred by this unexpected question, so I said “Maybe.” Then her daughter fell to her knees, clasped her hands, and said “Please, oh please!? I really want a little brother!” Still a little shocked at this development “Well, how about you guys pretend for now, and see if you really want a brother or sister.” They are pretending just fine still.

The big thing is, I set my keys down at one point. I walked away, then passing again I saw them. I thought “Hey, those look familiar. Whose are those?” Then it hit me they were mine. And I about passed out. I NEVER set my keys down… unless I’m home.


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