June 10, 2008

Why is there real movement like feminism for men? Masculinism I guess it would be called. A way to further equality of the genders in favor of men? Because we don’t really give a damn. I feel, and at least one other agrees, that feminism is the result of bored white women (probably well off to wealthy ones), because who else could take everything and make it political and sexist. Much like hippies, if they had a job they would be too tired and busy to complain.

I couldn’t even tell you what masculinism would entail. Because we don’t fucking care. We know we’re objectified, held to unrealistic standards of beauty, and looked down upon for embracing manliness. Where’s our movement? Oh yeah. We don’t care. We have better things to do, like work.

And for the record, if you can do anything I can do, try pissing standing up… without pissing on yourself… and write your name in the snow.

Note* This is spawned from a post I read elsewhere about PETA objectifying women in an ad. Duh. PETA does that all the time. Sex sells, we all know it, now piss off. The author seemed as though she wouldn’t care if it were a naked man instead, similarly posed, and similarly compared to a side of beef. What’s wrong for one is wrong for all, or else you’re just wrong.



One comment

  1. There actually is a men’s movement, and some it’s big issues are removing discrimination against men, such as the male-only draft, and removing cultural biases against men, such as “only men rape and abuse and therefore don’t need help with these things…” We seek to rectify these sexist laws and attitudes.

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