the repo man cometh

June 5, 2008

I should elaborate a little. Since I lost my job I have not made a payment on my car. I couldn’t do it. Money is very tight. Without losing my job, things would be much better financially right now. That was sort of the plan, really. Then things went awry, and my car bill is way late, and I have no way to come up with almost $1000 by Monday. And no, Dan, I can’t whore myself out. My girlfriend will not allow it. I asked.

So this means I lose my car, and I can’t really get a better job easily. Public transportation sucks round here. I was thinking of buying a bicycle, but in the heat of summer it will not be fun either.

Rock + Hard Place = Life



  1. did you lose the Kroger Job? I think I missed that….

    Think of it this way, riding your bike in the summer will help you lose weight (not saying you need too) BUT will also help you tone up and you can flex and be all uber leet or w/e

  2. No, I’m still there, but it’s not enough money. The other job isn’t going to happen, I think. I gotta say, though, Love has been tremendous in the situation with dealing with my bitching.

  3. Sucks about the car, awesome about Love. If she’s a really cool chick, you can ask her to take you to interviews (provided she’s not working at the time) and worry about the transport after you get a new job, because that would only be temporary to you getting a new car.

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