June 1, 2008

There are simple pleasures in life. Little things you just don’t realise make you smile. Like shapes. Curves, specifically. Even more specifically that of a spine or shoulder. Or that part of the neck where it dips down just before merging into the shoulder. That little nook has immense beauty in it.

Of course we know who I’m talking about and the circumstances that lead to the observation. Sitting there in a very portraitesque pose backlit by a screensaver is a very appealing sight to me. It led to me telling her “You’re very aesthetically pleasing, from a design standpoint”. Yes, I’m a dork, but an artistic one in some ways.

I imagien what I would do, given more drawing ability. How I would put the pencil to paper and reconstruct those curves. How the shading would occur. How I could catch that beauty that I see in those shapes and how they come together to form a whole. To show what I see to her.

And now, I’m done being emo.



  1. holy fuck Walin….

    unless I was an architecture student I’d be someone weirded out.. unless you ravaged her after that.

  2. This was post ravaging. So she was shiny and sweaty too. 😀

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