a balcony

May 27, 2008

What can I say about these marvels of architecture? I like balconies. Not porches. Porches are lame, ground level, balcony wannabes. A blacony affords a view. Though I’m afraid of heights, I gotta say it offers the perfect opportunity to lean over with your elbows on the railing and check the view. Could be of a pool, or a field, or a highway, and it would not diminish the cool factor of that pose.

They also offer an amount of privacy for more decadent activities, the likes of which the moon will watch as a peeping Tom. Depending on height, they can offer less privacy than one would hope for, but it’s about location and lighting, really.

A well placed blanket helps, too.



  1. Sounds like agreat time. I had a balcony once, I didnt like it much. Things still going well?

  2. Things go as well as they could be. I am 60% happy with my life, and if today’s job interview goes well I will be 90% happy. The last 10% is all bills, though.

  3. good god!!

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