job interview

May 21, 2008

I finally have a decent job interview. It’s been about two months? since I was fired from VMS. Took some time and some effort (mostly because for most of that time I was putting forth very little effort) but now I have an interview I’m hopeful of. It’s nothing spectacular and the hours suck, but the money is good. Better than what I was making after five years at VMS, in fact.

So I’ll post after 9AM next Tuesday about it.

I no longer have the boredom to be longwinded about these things, do I? Meh. You guys just want to her about relationships and depression anyways don’t ya? You’re all freaks like that, I can tell, you bastards! Too bad. At the moment there’s not a lot to tell on either. Love is cool, and I’m crazy about her. But it’s good crazy so I’m not depressed. Sorry to disappoint.


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