met a girl named love

May 19, 2008

Oy. I really need to post more. Since the last one I have had a couple dates and coffee with a wonderful woman. Love she shall be called, but not in some form of code or so noone will know who she is. Because it’s her name. Well, nickname anyways. Either way, it works and I’m not being mysterious for once.

So that’s what’s new. I’m dating a woman named Love who seems to be everything I need, and everything I want, and everything I like. At least for now. I’m sure I’ll screw it up eventually, but for now I’m happy. I shouldn’t say dating really, since I’ve upgraded her to girlfriend early. I had this plan, an idea, a theory, that 10 dates in 12 weeks makes someone your boy/girlfriend. Seems solid to me, so I went with it, but after a week I realised that my math can be a little fuzzy. Does coffee for an hour on a lunch break count as a date? If I do count it the number jumps from one to four easily. Halfway there. What about long, and I do mean long, phone conversations? Every day? And then there’s the IMs, too. So much going on could make things more than tey are, right? At any rate, I decided I’m crazy enough about her to make the jump and upgraded things. She was glad. She had figured it would be about Tuesday when that happened, and was planning it to happen that way with dates and coffee dates (which do count after all, if you want them to). My girl is goal oriented.

I’ve also come to realise I am now part of an “interracial couple” after a few days of people kind of looking twice. I assumed it was because they thought “Why would SHE be with a guy like HIM?” because she’s pretty and I’m just me. Of course that’s exactly what they were thinking, just for a different reason. Honestly, I don’t give a damn. I was just thinking “This chick’s awesome” and that was all I needed to know. She’s used to the looks and occassional comments (we are in Kentucky so some people forget social etiquette changes outside the trailer park) but it’s something I guess I will have to ignore. Me having a smart mouth will not make that easy, but so far so good.

I do however like holding her hand, kissing her lips, and the way my clothes smell after we’ve been around each other and canoodling. The best part is, she found my blog last night and was reading some of it, but today’s post is nothing I haven’t told her already. We were ont he phone last night and I just grabbed my vintage red (it’s not pink, fuckers) shirt from the night before and just inhaled deep.



  1. It’s about damn time!!!

    Of course, I’m a little weirded out that you had a set “number” of dates before someone is your girlfriend. wtf walin? Anyhow as long as she doesn’t think it’s weird.. or too weird at least it’s all good.

    Now, you have to tell me.. how in the world did she get the nick name love?

  2. It’s part of her name, but Love is easier to say. lol

    The number was just a litmus of sorts, I suppose. I mean, if you see someone 10 times in 12 weeks they have to something special. At least, that’s how I see it. Perhaps it’s more of a way to control myself from jumping in waaaay too quick. It may have been sooner than anticipated, but I don’t think it was a bad thing this time around.

  3. Congrats, Wailin.

    It’s good to see something going right for a change.

  4. Ditto on what Josy said about the number of dates – wtf? But it sounds like this woman understands you in all of your glorious weirdness so congrats!

  5. Honestly, all you can ask is that you can find someone who accepts you and likes you for exactly who you are. No more. No less. So far, she does that. ‘Nuff said.

  6. Countdown until you find out she used to be a man.

  7. Used to be is fine. I’d be concerned if she still sort of was. But I have all the proof I need. 😉

  8. Good for you, man

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