a song you will never hear

April 28, 2008

I made a song. One you will never hear. Only a few people have heard it. If not for proximity and my need to know it was done well they would not have heard it. It’s not the greatest song ever made. There are no words. Only a guitar. It’s not extraordinary in any way. But it made the subject feel special. And that feels good. But you will never hear it, because it’s not for you.

Other than that, I’m alive. At least you now know that much. I hope you’re all doing well.



  1. (insert token comment about your post here)

    Just wanted to know I give you blog love on my new/old political/social commentary blog – unevenground.blogspot.com. That is, I’ve added a link to you in my sidebar. So, yeah, just sit back and wait for floods of comments.

  2. /cough http://divinepriory.net/index.php?topic=6.0

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