so much of nothing

April 15, 2008

That’s what I have on my hands. Nothing. I guess I could talk about the girl I was talking to who invited me out to a bar. Sort of. She was there to see a band and I had a general invitation of it being cool if I came out to see them as well. So I did. And failure ensued. The bands were good, though. King Sonic and Dead City Rejects.

I suppose I could talk about how a woman came to the deli yesterday and made me blush with a smile. She was that beautiful.

I could talk about so many small things that seem to happen, but I won’t bore you guys. Life is standing still even moreso since I lost my job. Working two jobs left little room for anything else, so maybe things that happened in between working hours seemed more significant. Or maybe I just don’t fucking care anymore. Much as I don’t want to work two jobs again, I have no choice. It’s already been too long.

The real issue is, why can’t I just have one job and be fine? Followed by, when did we get a new dashboard for WordPress?


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  1. Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

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