i’m alright

March 31, 2008

Yeah yeah. Lack of life = lack of blog. Not that there was much interesting in the first place. Now it’s just even less interesting than ever. I can’t day I have anything exciting, except that today my druid hit level 45. Exciting times? No, cause I’m still behind Dan, Josy, and Moxy(used here, because I’ve referenced her as this before). Go figure. I did cause an insane wipe yesterday for us. When I fail, I fail completely and utterly. None of this half ass ‘almost’ bullshit.

My son played soccer for his first time yesterday. I didn’t think I’d get into it. I didn’t think I’d cheer. I didn’t think I’d be that kind of dad. I was wrong. I’m not into sports at all, so it seemed I would show up and support and not much else. Today I’m thinking about seeing if I can be a coach or something. I don’t know a lot about the games he will play, but at his age it’s more about fundamentals. He wasn’t as pleased as I was, though. I think he was scared of the ball, or the players kicking it around. There’s a difference in kicking a ball back and forth with me and trying to play an actual game. So he stood there, hands playing with the strings on his soccer shorts, looking completely confused. So I tried to help him.

I stood up, walked over near him, and tried to get him excited and ready to have fun. It didn’t really work, but I had to at least try to get him to have fun. That’s all I’m concerned about is him having fun right now. I told him ‘Just have fun. It’s probably more fun to run and try to kick the ball.’ He agreed, and made an attempt to steal the ball back. I cheered and clapped and all that fun stuff. The Ex, however, seemed more irritated at me. I imagine the mood of her BF (downgraded and still falling, though I’m not sure he realizes it) didn’t help, as he was rather dull, unemotional, and seemed to not really want to be there. Perhaps I’m wrong on that, though. Maybe it was the unexpectedly cold day, or the slight rain, or my own presence. Or all of the above. All I know is the guy’s a right stick in the mud.

Now I just need to learnt eh names of the kids on his team so I can stop yelling ‘Go kid whose name I don’t know!’ and ‘Great job, *coughing*!’ Will probably have much more impact then.


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  1. hands down, the best wipe evah

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