been a while

March 29, 2008

Seriously neglect this thing when I’m not at work in the morning, don’t I? Nothing has really changed here yet. Still only one job, have finally moved, and broke things off with Christy. All in just a few days, too. Grateful there weren’t feelings to hurt, though.

In other news of dadness, we have  recliner. By we I mean Sasquatch did, and now that we’re roommates I do as well. Last night I was sitting in it, and my son jumped up there with me. He sat in my lap for a while, but then wanted me to scoot over so we could share it. That’s exactly what I used to do with my dad. We would sit and watch Three Stooges or whatever, squeezed into that tiny chair, until I was too big to do that anymore. It made me smile and feel like a dad. I know it’s probably weird, but sometimes I feel like the cool uncle or something because we don’t get much time together. Like I’m just some guy, though I know the truth of things. But these moments make me feel it more than any other.

In other news, my son is confused by morning wood. He woke me up and told me his penis was standing up, and he couldn’t make it go down. There are times it takes everything I have not to laugh, and this was one of them. He’s five. Is he even old enough for that? At any rate, he must have gotten over it before we made pancakes.

Two days ago we flew a kite.


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