March 20, 2008

I was fired from VMS today. While the anger and fear are nearly overwhelming, I also can’t help but to feel freed. How long that feeling lasts, I couldn’t say, but I can say I’m seeing Kroger as a blessing in disguise at the moment. I already talked to Mark, and I can get 40 hours starting next week. Much as I dread that it’s more than a lot of people can say when they get fired. I will seek unemployment benefits, and have already approached a staffing agency.

Maybe this is the momentum I need. I can only hope so, but I also know hope is dangerous.


One comment

  1. Whoa. This is a momentous day – however you want to look at the word momentous.

    I’m tempted to say congratulations. I think you are meant for bigger and better things and am keeping my fingers crossed that you eventually find something you actually enjoy doing.

    So, will the story be forthcoming about what happened – or did they just up and fire you over the harlot incident?

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