car bombs, boxes, and a slap to the ass

March 17, 2008

Not real car bombs, but it was an Irish version in a glass full of nastiness. I don’t know who could ever create such a thing but they are clearly a sick individual for both it’s crass name and taste, which only gets worse the longer you let it sit because it curdles. This probably helped to get me drunk enough to be Irish, which several women at the bar believed for at least a moment.

The only downside is that every time I go drinking with Nate and Carrie I end up a babysitter and they fight. I received a text eventually saying “Dude! Where were you when my girlfriend was grinding on some other dude’s dick!’ to which I responded ‘The babysitter was drunk too’. The thing is, that dude was me for much of the night, since he was nowhere to be found and I thought “better me than someone else.” It culminated in me leaving early to pick him up cause they fought and he was kicked out or left her car. Fun ride home, let me tell you. Totally worth the hangover though, since as I was leaving a rather attractive woman decided it was a fun idea to slap my ass as hard as she could. And that was pretty hard. Sadly, no more could come of it since I had to go get Nate. Love the guys, but this crap is getting old, too.

The next morning’s hangover was not as bad as I thought it would be, and beginning to pack was no problem. Most of my stuff is now in boxes, except clothing and toiletries. Easy stuff. The Ex brought our son and we hung out, talked, and packed for a few hours. Then came time to take them home and I can’t find my keys. This led to dumpster diving and checking bags of trash to no avail. They left, but later I found them packed in a box I had checked several times. I figure I was fretting too much to see them, but calmed down I really took a good look inside.

Now the weekend is over, but it was nice to be off all day Sunday for once. The trick will be finding time to move to the new apartment. Saturday was our goal, but I’m working so I may have to call in, which is no problem for me.

Me and Christy SORT OF talked about the fact we don’t see each other. In text messages. No idea if she understands what I meant or not, but I guess we’ll find out today. We need to have a real discussion, because attractive seeming women slapping me on the ass is a good argument for “If you won’t, someone else will”.



  1. and you mentioned nothing about me


  2. Really, what is there to tell? Dan and Josy are back on WoW, which makes me moist. But they also forced me to give them all my gold, the bastards.

  3. aww c’mon now. If it makes you feel any better, you only gave me 20 gold, which I still have mreo than 15 left.. also

    Dan and Angela were discussing how he can make some money while we are all at work, so we are about to be bathed in the glittering stuff.

  4. I’m just trying to get moved, and get used to the electric guitar. I’m finding most of the stuff I did with the acoustic sounds much better on the electric. Currently working on a new arrangement called The Mexican.

    As far as gold goes, groovy by me.

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