a day off

March 6, 2008

My one day off this week is today. Trying to get the band together. Doubt it will happen, but a guy can hope.

Will see my son today, and that makes me happy. I’ve missed him, and still feel bad about last week’s events. They ended basketball this Sunday and the ex tells me he was very excited about receiving a trophy. I’m so proud of him, not because he’s great at basketball, but because he’s great at just being  a kid and having fun. He’s been very excited about playing soccer, which begins soon. I don’t like sports myself, but I will support him in anything he’s doing. That said, I think he’s old enough to start learning to play chess. The ex doesn’t share my view that it’s important to know, but I think it can teach a lot about thinking, planning, and reading people. It’s called The Game of Kings for a reason, after all.

I’m sure I will play WoW and my guitars. After sending a recording of my bass playing to a friend it’s been confirmed I am better at bass than guitar, but still not very good. Passable was my goal, and I achieved that.

I have yet to begin packing, but there’s still time. I’m not in a hurry at this point, since we don’t even get the keys to the new place until next Friday. Then I have until the end of the month to be out of my current apartment. Plenty of time? I’ve never been fast at moving and did fine last two times. I’ve lived in five different places in the last three to four years. I think I’ll manage.

I’m starting to think I should just end the girlfriend thing. Honestly, there’s no passion on either part, and the lack of interaction outside of work is what’s killing it. You can only know someone so well through smoke breaks alone. I seriously don’t have the time, as we learned last week.

Otherwise, I’ll just be keeping real. Fashizzle.


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