‘what are you gonna do?’

March 5, 2008

I arrive at Kroger last night, walk back to the deli, and am stopped by the boss. ‘We need to talk.’ Now, whenever this guy ‘Needs to talk’ it’s never anything good, so I expected exactly what happened. The clash. Confrontation. Battle. Telling my boss he’s an idiot, though not in those exact words. I mean, the guy ALWAYS answers rhetorical questions.

‘Don’t you ever leave a note like that again’ he said rather gruffly, which I’m sure he expects is going to indimidate me. He did not account for the simmering rage below the surface, ever present in my world due to things like working two jobs.

‘You don’t leave me closing alone and I won’t.’ Things escalated, he said he doesn’t use the schedule against people, to which I responded “Then you obviously have no idea what you’re doing.’

‘Don’t talk to me like that.’

‘What are you gonna do? Fire me? You need me here more than I need this job and we both know it’ I slightly lied.

‘No, I can’t fire you.’

‘Then what are you gonna do?’ At  that point he walked away, saying never leave a note like that again, and I responded in kind about not scheduling things that way again.

It was all very angry, heated, and liberating.


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