‘i knew it! i’m surrounded by assholes!’

March 4, 2008

Course, truly it’s only correct if you replace assholes with idiots. And applicable most certainly at Kroger. The new guy’s a douche and certainly not the brightest bulb, mostly due to the audacity of youth. He’s been there a week and seems to feel he’s better at the job than I am. Add to that the 20+ years of employment lady who cut herself on the slicer and my night was truly filled with idiots.

Now, I do have the tendancy to believe those around are simply not as intelligent as I am, but it’s also usually true. The Ex can attest to that if she feels, on both regards. There is no denying the truth in the deli, though. At least I can admit that I have this problem. Most people are truly stupid think they are smart, and that’s where the problem is. They know it all, don’t ask for help, and don’t listen to those with the experience they do not have. I’m not free of guilt on that side of things either, but usually I will cede the point to someone who has twice the experience or more that I do.

Regardless, I still hate closing the two dumbest people I know.


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