the pain receded, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone

February 28, 2008

So yesterday’s fall will likely have no lasting impact. I may see the doctor anyways, just to be sure, but today is much better. It does not hurt to sit or walk, but some bending produces pain. It’s the in between sitting and standing that hurts. No visible bruising that I can see.

Course, I can’t go see the doctor cause I’m broke again, and my account is under, and I may not be able to pay rent on time… again. Seriously, I can be broke with one job and be much happier. Not that I’m unhappy at the moment, just angry. What more can I do? Maybe get rid of the car? That would be less money to pay out a month, but then I have no transportation to either job. I haven’t signed my lease yet, but I don’t have anywhere to go either so I have to. If I could, I would in a heartbeat. I just need a place to sleep, really. Maybe that’s what I should do. Sleep on PB’s couch and put my stuff in storage until I can get back on my feet again. I really have no options, though.

At least my back is better, I guess.



  1. There is always my garage and a space heater….

  2. And I would, but the sexual tension would be too much, love. Could you really stand losing Dan to me like that? I’d hate to ruin the beautiful friendship we have over a man.

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