how ya feeling, dad?

February 26, 2008

Apparently, not great. And he’s actually getting worse. Whatever it was that was wrong with him is spreading, I’m told, to the other side.

Is it bad that the first thought in my head was ‘Dammit. If this kills him I’m going to have to move home and take care of my family.’ That’s something I dread, honestly, but would do anyways.

So yeah, dad is not getting much better and probably has an infection. Knowing his track record of taking care of himself (a trait I inherited unfortunately) he will probably never get better. Such is life? I think it may be.



  1. An infection could kill him faster than the reason he had surgery in the first place. His dumbass better get to his doctor quicker than his ass can move. And I hope to God that he has life insurance or he is screwing your entire family. Of course, I know him, and he probably doesnt have substantial life insurance because he’s an idiot. (Not to mention a shitty grandfather!)

    Me? Bitter? Nah…

  2. Today I see him hobbling like an old man in the office, trying to leave. He stops and winces in pain. Then I hear from a coworker he actually talks to that he’s supposed to go to the hospital in Fort Knox, but refuses to go.

    It never ceases to amaze me, how similar we can be, but he is the extreme. I don’t like the doctor but there comes a point when you must go or risk your life. He is likely now at that point.

    Sometimes the best lessons are when you’re shown what not to do and be. He’s taught me a lot about a father by being a not so great one. Add this to the tally.

  3. Oh my gosh! He is such an ignorant man! You need to ask him this: “Are you ready to die?” No, I am not kidding…you need to ask him that. See what he says. It’s a Yes or No answer. If the answer is “no”…great, get to the damn doctor, Moron! If the answer is “yes” then just tell him how selfish he is and walk away.

    Do this and report back. Ten-Four. Over & Out.

  4. Because that will be something easy for me to do. It wouldn’t really do much for him anyways. ‘Life sucks then you die’ is his motto, remember.

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