February 20, 2008

Still need a drummer, but we may have found one. Gotta get the time to call him, get Kirk and Nate, and get together to jam and shit. This guy is the fiance of a friend’s sister. I don’t expect it to actually come together, honestly, but if it does I will completely quit Kroger that day to be in a band.

While I’m not the best player in the world, I enjoy it and we all have the dream of being a rock star. Except Dan. Even a small glimmer of hope of actually achieving a tiny portion of that dream is enough to drag me from the deli. I spend too much time waiting and hoping as it is. Sometimes you have to chase a dream down, tackle it, and kick the shit out of it to make it cooperate. The race has begun, and I’m gaining ground. With a little help from friends we’ll tame it with a baseball bat to the head, kick to the groin, and guitars.


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