rambling, rumbling, tumbling to the ground

February 13, 2008

I love short work weeks. You start them late and end them early. It helps I have something to look forward to on Friday. They always say make the most of what you have, so that’s what I’m doing. Finally, me and Christy will be able to go out.

The day will actually be spent at the Speed Art Museum. She’s never been, but seems to adore the idea. She’s not particularly artsy, but knows what she likes and we both think Picasso was a hack (during the cubist bullshit at least). Then we’ll have lunch. Not sure where, but somewhere a little classier than McDonald’s.

I am off work tonight and tomorrow from Kroger. All I will probably do is sit at home playing guitar, but that’s hardly the point. Besides, I can play a decent acoustic version of Ziggy Stardust now so it’s worth it… right? Without Warcraft I really don’t have anything else to do. While it’s nice to not be chained to the computer I do find myself getting bored. Good motivation to go to work or do something constructive with myself.

The money situation isn’t really better, but it’s not worse either. I’m just broke, still, and hoping to recover for Friday. I will be paying for that regardless. Noone can tell me I’m doing the wrong thing by going out on a date, and anyone that does deserves a kick in the head. This week can get me back on track, mostly.

I cannot afford to move. I will have to pay higher rent, that I also can’t really afford. Nuff said.

My son asked me about bones, so I went on Youtube and found a lecture from UC Berkeley. He asked what that was so I told him it’s where smart people go to get even smarter. He said ‘I’m smart!’ to which I replied ‘Yes. And you can get even smarter, if you want.’ He seemed to like the idea, and that makes me proud. I like that he wants to learn as much as possible. I hope the trend continues, and will do anything I can to help him with it. A lot of parents simply say ‘I don’t know’ but I intend on finding out the answers so we can both learn something new. I love him to much to allow him to be stupid.

That’s all I got.



  1. Yay for you for being a good dad 🙂

    Where is the Speed Art Museum again? Is it by the University?
    There are a few good places a bit north of there, by where I used to live. I miss Louisville food – the options here are a bit more limited – though you really can’t beat a good meal of fish and chips.

  2. Fish and chips… lol

    It is near U of L, yes. And free, which is nice. They have an exhibit featuring medievel artwork on loan from some, I can only assume, larger more prestigious museum somewhere in the ‘old country’.

    I was thinking, maybe, North End Cafe or Lynn’s Paradise Cafe. Been to Lynn’s but not North End.

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