protomen vs the flu

February 9, 2008

The Protomen were in town last night at one of the more interesting venues I’ve ever been to. Not that I’ve been to many, but I’m sure this will remain thus for a while since it was underneath a bowling alley. You could hear every strike and even see the balls on their return path to eager bowlers. There was one problem, though, a small miscalculation. I arrived at about 6:45, because I read something about 8, but in reality the doors didn’t even open downstairs until 10. That blew, but the plus side is I found a nice little coffee shop.

I discovered this particular street has some nice little places to visit. Places I’ve heard of but never visited, like the North End Cafe and Dark Star Tavern. Having more than 2 hours to kill, myself and companion Sasquatch, decided to take a walk and see what we could see. We found a little coffee shop/dessert bar. Nice little place with decent coffee and huge slices of the most decadent cakes it seems possible to order. I passed on the cake, the short walk really enflaming my fever at this point. No amount of cowbell would help, sadly.

Killing another two hours we went back and watched set up and listened to the soundchecks. Time ticked away and I became slightly more delirious and feverish and probably a few other -ishes as well. Then they took the stage, and it was all worth it.

There are no words to describe the protomen in their makeup and black cowboy shirts. The onlything you need to know is that once they get started, they go strong. We all wait eagerly for the moment the helmet comes out. If you didn’t know, The Protomen tell the story of Megaman and Protoman. Imagine a guy telling the story of some folk legend or another, but he has the gun of Pecos Bill, or the axe of Paul Bunyan, to emphasize certain points. This is what they do. When Megaman is speaking, the helmet is on. And when it’s time to face Protoman, he shows up. And THAT was the most amazing part of the show.

The Protomen are playing on and on through Sons of Fate, Panther donning the blue helmet of Megaman, when Protoman walks up behind him and taps his shoulder. Protoman goes on a tirade about human scum and how they just watched as he died and how he wants us all dead. Megaman protects us. He slays his own brother. It was very cool, if you’re  a Megaman fan.

And this whole post makes me sound geeky, and I know it’s not well written, but I will blame that on the flu and lack of sleep. In the end the only thing I have to say about the concert is I’m glad I went, and will gladly see them again if and when they return to Louisville.

I settled my feelings of a thief as well, purchasing a copy of the CD I downloaded as well as a shirt. I believe in supporting indie work as much as possible, and the Protomen show us why that’s important. It’s the only way to get something different, new, and awesome. So if you ever see them coming to your town, join the fight and stand with the Protomen against Wily’s minions. You will not regret it.

Also, closing the show with Mr Roboto was hilarious.



  1. I never heard of these people. I checked them out on MySpace though. Verrrry interesting.
    You are such a geek.
    Though I noticed on your MySpace profile that you aren’t really into Star Trek??! Blasphemer!

  2. Sorry, I was before not so much now. More Star Wars geek, but evern worse a World of Warcraft geek, though I haven’t played in the better part of a month. But it’s okay, because I revel in my geekdom and make it my own. So there.

  3. Well, I used to watch TOS with my brother and then, of course, TNG as it was aired (but only occasionally).
    But this last year I fell head-over-heels with DS9 thanks to my hubby (who’s a bit sick of it all himself). We bought all 7 seasons! Now we’ve bought season 4 of TNG (it was on a special deal) and I’m loving that as well – though Ewen warns me it might pale in comparison to DS9.

    I, too, always admire those people who just throw themselves into what they love. It warms my heart, in a weird way.
    Ewen and I would love to make one of the Comicons someday – though Ewen insists he is not dressing up. I might be able to convince him to go as a Jedi. I’ll have to tell you the story about his lightsaber someday (and, no, that is NOT a euphemism – it’s actually a rather sweet story).

  4. Whether it’s a euphemism or no, now that you said it that’s all I can think you mean. You should no better. 😛

    DS9 was the best next to TNG. The problem is there’s so much Star Trek to be had. It’s overwhelming. Then there’s fanfiction. NEVER read the fanfiction… *shudder*

  5. Hmmm, bit of an old entry here, but maybe at least one person will notice this…

    If you think you’re a geek, check out my recent entry on the Protomen! I out-geeked ya for sure.

    I’m trying to get more people reading my blog AND supporting the Protomen, so I’d appreciate if you used my entry as a tool to inform and excite new recruits in the war against Wily! >:3 I worked really hard to make it informative and exciting.

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