what ails ya

February 7, 2008

I am getting sick. That’s what happens when you kiss girls. You get cooties.

Christy has strep throat AND the flu. So chances are I have one or both. Let this be a lesson to us all on the importance of cootie shots. This also means no date this weekend. Such is life. There’s always next time.

O O . .



  1. Good fucking lord. You people heard of getting the FLU SHOT!

    Influenza A and influenza B are running rampant. The “flu shot” is for Influenza A, so even if you still get the flu, you shouldn’t be nearly as sick as if you didn’t get the shot.

    How many people have the flu around here.. I ask every one, did you get a flu shot… every single one of them, EVERY ONE, did not get a flu shot.

    get the fucking flu shot.

    /end rant

  2. Hellloooooo nurse.

    I know I should, but I usually just don’t have the cash and/or just don’t think about it. I’ll try harder next time, I promise.

  3. hmm I dunno how your state works, but if you have medical insurance, tell them you are high risk. Tell them you live with a nurse. That will have the insurance pay for the shot.

  4. I think maybe you just want me to live in your shed, so you’re trying to seduce me with free flu shots.

  5. you caught me~~

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