time gathers it’s skirt and rushes along

February 7, 2008

The pace furious, Time is approaching. Slowly at first, like a predator, but eventually in a mad dash. As Time nears you can start to hear it, feet clicking sharply as if on linoleum accompanied by a rush of air. The thing is, you know it’s coming for you and are helpless to do anything except meet it. Arms open and grinning like a mad man, you will embrace Time.

Then again, perhaps that’s a little too dramatic. I do so love my metaphors. So tonight, tonight, tonight, is my date but there’s a catch. Christy is sick. She is trying to switch her babysitter to Friday which will give her an extra day to get well (and believe me it’s quite cute in that way women who are sick always are) and give us extra time, since her son could be staying the night with her sister.

Did I mention her son? I don’t think I have. I know I’ve been a bit hypocritical about dating a woman with a child in the past, but you never know what you will do until you’re faced with it. At any rate, so far so good. Moving on…

It also gives me more time to clean my apartment and would allow my son to stay the night tonight. I did a bit of cleaning last night before Kroger, to my own surprise. The bathroom is always an issue, though. Need cleaning supplies.

Which brings us to money, don’t it? I have a workaround to the money issue, for the moment. It will at least put  a little more cash in my pocket for this weekend’s activities. Shhhh. Don’t tell my bank.

Honestly, I’m finding it hard to gripe about most things. My life, at the moment, is going rather swimmingly. Let’s hope it keeps up, ya?


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