i kissed a girl

February 4, 2008

I kissed her, there on the balcony at Phoenix Hill where smoking was allowed. Softly. Soft enough to surprise her, I think. There was only mild groping the rest of the night. And the funny thing is, I knew this woman. I wasn’t expecting this, when Heather again pleaded with me to come along. But honestly, when she said Christy was going I was sold. She has very pretty eyes that had not gone unnoticed.

So the night went on, as did the kissing and groping, until last call came. I said I’d call tomorrow and she didn’t believe until I did. She’s a nice girl, and we have a date on Thursday. A real date, not unplanned drunken groping. Though if there me be some of that as well noone can say. Just like noone can say if dating someone you work with is a terrible idea, or where things go from here.

What I do know is, I kissed a girl at about 1 AM and it was everything I’d forgotten it was.



  1. Im glad things are looking up for you. I hope you have a good time on thursday.

  2. Thanks. Hope things are going well for you as well, and welcome back.

  3. Oh man!! I told Dan I thought you might have done something naughty and I was pretty close! So a virtual high 5? I’m glad you finally just went for it and didn’t over think it.

  4. Alcohol helpes, as it always does. Gotta love the universal social lubricant. And let me tell you, work is so much more tolerable when you get kisses on smoke breaks. There is canoodling and it is good.

    There was little naughtiness, but if I keep telling her one ass cheek is bigger than the other she will probably start believing it.

    /high 5

  5. Its about time boy. Me and your momma was startin’ to think you were queer.

  6. I’m not gay, I’m emo. There’s a difference. Gawd!

  7. Alrighty. Life is ok. I got asked out by 4 guys in like 3 days. I told them all they were depsreate and couldnt handle me because they were like in their late teens. I hate people paying attention to me but it sounds like this chick is great so yeah…keep it up.

    @Daniel – How can he be gay if he has a son? Doesnt make sence.

    I wouldnt have labelled you emo though. You are who you are and thats fine with me as long as you dont go making any radical changes and go scaring the bejeezez outta me ^.^

  8. Tracey, pay no attention to Dan. He’s obviously not being serious. If he thought Wailin was gay, we’d expect him to dress better!

  9. Im sorry. I spend ALOT of time around very serious people at work. I think I have lost the knack of just joking around…
    Yeah, gay men do tend to have killer fashion sence.
    Please, call me Trace. ^.^

  10. I remember back in ’98 when we first got those internets at our house I caught Walin buck naked in the shed with a ping-pong paddle shoved most of the way up his ass. I must have scared him something fierce because he hopped up and damn it if he didnt ram that paddle up his ass. After that he shit in sheets for near 3 years.

  11. I dress fine, bitches. Screw you! And not in the fun way!

    The paddle thing is true though… was a horrible time for me.

  12. Congrats! I dated someone I worked with (though ‘dated’ is probably a strong term for it) and then he got fired so it worked out fine. But, you know, hopefully you won’t have that happen 😉

    Good luck! Whatever that means for wherever you want this to go.

  13. I remember that. lol And thanks. No idea where I want things to got or be, but we all know planning ahead is nonexistant in my little corner of the universe. 😛

  14. I can tell you all this much, he is happier than I have seen him in at least 3 years! That in itself is a freakin’ miracle!

  15. And no thanks to you for that, either.

  16. Well. The paddle thing makes my head hurt…so many questions lol. I like seeing wailin happy, makes me happy to see my friends happy. We didnt get the net till…2000, 2001 somehwere around there and then it was only dialup. Anyway…must go do…stuff I dont want to…like kick my sisters ass for drinking underage.

    Laters guys

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