gloves come off, fists are balled, and i don’t mind hitting a woman who deserves it

January 31, 2008

Cattiness. Why do women have to be catty? Whispering behind backs, tattling, and just plain being a bitch. Motivation is questionable, as there are no real benefits to it. Artificial drama is not welcome in my life, since it’s so crowded with actual, crippling, GROWN UP problems. The gloves are off, and I will be hitting a woman this Saturday with a replaced jab of words spiked with venom. This shit will end. NOW.

What brings this? Dreamed up deli drama from a redneck of a woman I tolerate because I must now, just as I did in high school. I knew a long time now of the murmurings behind my back, because I have ears and eyes unknown to the offender. Despite popular belief, her belief, I am quite liked in the department. Nothing she has said about me is true or outside my realm of influence.

‘He doesn’t do anything to help’ she whines. This is half true, but with a reason. When two are in the deli one will clean and the other wait on customers. She rushes to grab the broom and avoid the latter, which leaves me to it. So while I’m not cleaning I’m still working harder than she is. That is the jist of it all. She thinks she is doing it all, when she is only doing one half of the whole job. The other I take care of alone so she can finish doing that part. I know she hates waiting the case so I let her avoid it and never ask for her help while she is.

The thing that pissed me off so much, as this has been a running problem, is that she is lying about another person as well. This I will not abide, for that person is in danger of losing her job in what I believe is a bout of shenanigans. As such, I spoke up against it and unraveled the threads of her untruths. However I do so tire of the game, as I have neither time nor care for them.

This will be settled by my own hands, words, and anger. I will not suffer a liar in my midst without retaliation.



  1. Unfortunately, I work in a department of 80 women. Two are my bosses, the rest under me. They are WOMEN! THEY SUCK. IT sucks to work with more than one other woman. Why? Lots of reason’s I’m sure. Insecurity, Jealousy, Boredom, Drama Queens, the list goes on.

    I will tell you what would happen if one of the nurses came to me with the same type of complaint. First, as I have been instructed by my superiors, I ask the person telling me if she has mentioned anything to the offender. If she has, great step two… if not. That’s where it stops. I will keep my eyes and ears open and maybe investigate, but if the person doing the complaining doesn’t make an attempt to confront the person, I’m not really allowed to step in unless it’s something I find that is an obvious exception.

    This is how I was taught to handle these things by my boss who’s been doing it for over 10 years. At first, I was thought, yeah nice way to skirt the subject but I’ve learned my lesson. First the person will confront the offender in an adult manner. A lot of times I suggest to open the subject with, “Hey, I’ve noticed you haven’t seemed very happy around me lately. Have I done something to upset you?”
    After that it usually resolves because 1, the offender is embarrassed 2, the offender realizes she is a bitch (yeah right) or 3, they come back with their own complaints. I have sat in while my bosses have referee’d arguements and I’m amazed at how they end up turning it around and everyone leaves with a clear understanding of what is expected… but I digress…

    I have a feeling that this person is a lazy drama queen that doesn’t want any attention brought to herself about how she rarely helps out custmers. I bet she is also jealous that you get along and do a good job at helping your customers. You have a third strike if your boss is female, because the offender wants to make sure that your boss doesn’t have any attracted feelings to you by making you the repulsive lazy bastard.

    You definetly have to confront her. Back her in a corner. Tell her you are tired of her shit and that while she is “doing all the work” you are actually making the company money and if her shit doesn’t stop this minute, you will bring the supervisor in and the three of you can discuss how the job responsibilties should be divided.

    There are some many times, as a supervisor, I want to say, LOOK HERE BITCH, do this and shut the fuck up, or get out… but, unfortunately, the union looks down on this kind of thing…

    stupid union

  2. Yeah, my boss is a guy. But he is very likely gay and in the closet.

    Me and her have had this discussion before in a more gentle way. Well, as gentle as I get. I pointed out that ‘Hey, thanks for cleaning up. I appreciate that, since I’m not very good at it, and I know you’d prefer that over working the case, if possible.’ But she apparently continues to feel that this arrangement is unfair, while others appreciate it.

    It probably doesn’t help that there are things I refuse to do, like scrub the hell out of the floor, which she does. I will sweep and mop, but I’m not paid enough nor do I care enough to SCRUB that floor left filthy by the morning workers that can’t bother to usually even sweep. At the same time, the tradeoff remains the same.

    I simply can’t stand people that don’t bring things to my face first. If that doesn’t work, then by all means go to management. It’s what I would do myself to avoid all of this crap I posted about.

    I think you’re right that she is just thriving on drama and being ‘victimized’ by everybody.

    Thanks for the insight, Josy. *less than three*

  3. Fuck after the day I’ve had, I change my mind. I say fucking punch that bitch in the throat!

    fucking flu outbreak… /rist

  4. The problem is that, even if this woman would loathe an actual confrontation/conversation with you about this – she might get a bit smug if you stoop low enough to smack her on the face (verbally or otherwise). If you can maintain your status as the adult in everyone’s eyes, including your own, she’ll be left out in the cold.
    Is there any chance you could have a conversation with her about this in earshot of your boss or someone else you work with? You should make a point of saying “Hey, I realize you’ve been doing all the cleaning up. Today I’ll take the broom and you can relax at the counter.” Hopefully she’ll be totally horrified by the suggestion.

    I hate passive aggressive bastards. I’ve had two experiences with this, one of which you know about, and the people each incident involved are the only two people ever to get on my permanent shit-list.
    This is not just a female problem, either – though perhaps you could say Jonathan had feminine characteristics.

  5. “The adult in everyone’s eyes’ Surely you jest, good woman, and forget the essential thing there is to know about me. I will never completely grow up. But it is indeed in the fun way. 😛

    Jonathan was questionably straight at times.

    But yes, days of consideration and time to not get pissy change the game quite a bit. We shall see how things result, and I promise to share them.

    Thanks for the advice.

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