head slamming the bricks

January 29, 2008

I was quite surprised by this redhaired woman. She was not beautiful, nor ugly. She a smattering of freckles across cheeks and nose. Her smile was very nice, her tone pleasant, and overall she just gave off a nice vibe.

She was flirting back, and it was so obvious even I could tell. Perhaps more of a setup for this one? She seemed a little lost while looking for something so I asked her about it.

“I’m looking for the Calzones” she said, to which I regretfully admitted we had none. But I needed to know a little more, so I started the process of polite interrogation. It could be nothing else, but with less water boarding and more wit.

“Well, are you eating that alone?” was answered with yes, a good sign in my eyes, and followed with a suggestion for a take and bake pizza. No, because there would be too much left over. Mac N Cheese is always the way to go, but only the Velveeta shells with the pouch of cheese.  I ended that encounter with ‘Well, if you get bored feel free to hang out here. We’re pretty bored, too” and a smile. The odd thing was, she did.

She was very pleasant, and when she left I kept thinking ‘I should have asked for her number’ but I never did. I always hit a wall. In my head I think of something to say, but it just sounds too stupid and I stop myself.

I am my own worst enemy.



  1. Hmmm, if I were the red haired woman, I’d wait a day or two and then come in again and see if you were working…

    It’d be interesting to see what happens over the next few days.

  2. One can only hope, but honestly I could see she was flirting. And when I can see it it’s intentional. But despite being handed the instructions and already possessing the tools it all seems Greek to me. So I fumble in the worst of ways, because my fingers work fine but my brain tells me they’re broken. And so I can’t do what I know I can and must, because it all seems so corny and cliche, like something you can find mass produced at Walmart for the low low price of $19.99 plus tax.

    Man do I love metaphors.

  3. nothing like early morning metaphors.

    Ok, you might remember that my last name is the same as a soda.

    SO, way back, about 9 years or so ago, I worked at a convenience store.
    This guy (who later I had a serious relationship with) after flirting with me for a few days brought in a soda cap. I can’t remember the exact words he used, but he was making a corny joke about ‘purchasing’ me. Yeah yeah, retarded, but I fell for it. Then, a few days later, he came in to talk to me a bit, and brought in his cell phone. He told me he couldn’t remember his cell number and wanted to know if I knew how to figure out how to find it. So he gave me his cell number and I played around with it and found it. Of course, he knew his number the whole time, but once I said I found it, he asked me to write it down. I thought I was writing it for him, but when I handed him the paper, he told me it was for me.

    how cheesy, but it worked. Never underestimate how corny something sounds. Sometimes, it just works.

  4. why did I confess this to you? damn you.

  5. Because I’m awesome. And the internet makes people wierd. Or maybe wierd people are on the internet. Could go either way. Is a good example, though.

    It’s about being bold, and I haven’t found that boldness in life still. My WoW pimptitude does not extend past the internet tubes.

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