another weekend update (much like the old)

January 28, 2008

I’ve been told many times over the last few years to see this movie. Boondock Saints. I have done this, and honestly don’t get all the love. It’s a fine film, sure, but not in my mind one of cult status. For one reason alone, this is. It ends with a huge cliche, that I won’t spoil.

The story is of two brothers who believe god wants them to punish criminals, to put it simply. It is worth watching, though only if you don’t mind quite a bit of violence. Or seeing Willem Defoe in drag. That was probably the most disturbing part, but he played it well. He’s an ugly man and even uglier woman.

I also watched One Night at McCool’s and 10 Things I Hate About You, both of which were entertaining. Outside of watching a few movies I didn’t do anything spectacular.

Other news is after helping my ex out with money my bank account is in the red. It will only get worse before it gets better, and I gather this will make things bad for about a month. One of these days things have to get better. I don’t mind fighting an uphill battle, but it’s more like a mountain sometimes.



  1. 1. Did you watch 10 things I hate about you to reminisce about Heath?\
    2. How does your bank handle when you are in the red? One time I bounced a check due to THEIR error, and they tried to charge me $25 on top of the check I wrote. WTF? Ok, if you think I’m broke, why do you think you are going to get more?

  2. 33 plus 6 a day. Currently, after another bill went through they refuse to reject because it makes them money, I am 250 in the hole. I will barely be able to make rent.

    And I watched 10 Things because it looked funny. Sad about Ledger and all, but I’m not an obsessed fan.

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