January 22, 2008

So we got snow today. Why is it that the city acts like snow is something new? Perhaps it’s a terrorist attack? Oh no wait. It’s motherfucking snow. You know, that cold white shit that falls from the sky every year.

As pretty as it is, the roads are shit and the people on them seem to have no idea what to do about it. I’m sure stores are sold out of milk and bread, too. Because as long as you have milk and bread you’ll survive a blizzard no matter how long you’re stuck inside.

It is pretty, though.



  1. I miss the KY snow (though you’re right about L-ville’s incompetence in dealing with it). Surprisingly enough we don’t get much snow where I am, though it’s nice and cloudy and cold and we only have about four hours of sunlight (if you can see the sun, that is).

    Btw, do you have a Facebook account? I know, I know, another time-wasting bandwagon to jump on.

  2. No facebook, but I am on myspace. Honestly, I’m not big on the site. Use to keep in touch with people that are no longer in the area… Like you!

    My email is wierd. I forgot the password and keep forgetting to get it reset, because I have another that a lot of my mail goes to. By the way, go to Wailinwrites on the blogroll. It’s my creative writing. Mostly sucks, but I always appreciate feedback.

    And as you can see, the Tom Waits introduction has stuck with me. I even still have that CD you burned for me. Hope life’s good on your end.



  4. I’ll take your space any day, love. Oh yeah.


  5. as luck with have it, a friend I grew up with and lost touch with just got in touch with me, so I had to make one … now I’m bored so maybe I’ll make it pretty

  6. Ooooh. Makes it pretty for us? RAWR! Dan’s is pretty damn boring, too. Make it BEDAZZLED! *jazz hands*

    Jazz hands > spirit fingers

  7. ok now find me a picture. No way in hell I’m putting MY picture on there. I have seen what guys do to even the most innocent of pictures…

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