shoe shopping

January 19, 2008

Turned into so much more, when you arrive and every store (and I do mean EVERY store) is having closeout, store closing, final clearance sales. Which made me spend most of the afternoon inside two malls. I never did find shoes, but when I got to the shoe store this morning I discovered another sale. Clearance shoes were buy one get one free. I looked at my son, and he looked at me, and we nodded at each other knowing it would be a good day. Course, starting the day with a plate full of food (fruit for him) meant it already was.

The deal of the weekend, however, was getting an $80 pair of pants for $20. The thing is, I bought them about an inchtoo big in the waist. No biggie, I have a belt, but it means the legs are slightly long. No problem again, as they will in time wear down, and the new shows are thick soled enough to make them barely touch the ground anyways. I was however pleased that my waist is apparently smaller than I believed.

I did find a nice coat, but the size was wrong. Honestly it looked fine if I didn’t ever want to zip it up. A size up would have perfect, but they were lacking. I guess I’m a medium sized guy who’s convinced he will again be a small one. I gained back the depression weight, methinks. Not that it was a lot. I’m actually quite sexy, thank you.

So in the end, I found two pairs of shoes, got a great deal on pants, and had a great breakfast. The downside, I forgot to buy more socks. : /


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  1. Hey, my husband has a coat that he can’t button up but it fits him well in every other way (and he’s a tall, broad guy) – so sometimes these things are just made funny. It’s probably cool not to zip up your coat – manly even.

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