the promise of sex looms in the air

January 18, 2008

I mentioned being ogled by a friend of a friend from work. The lady apparently referred to me as ‘Yummy’. In some devious plot of hers to get the friend to stay in Louisville I will allegedly be introduced and most likely get laid. She says that wouldn’t be a problem. On the plus side, I might actually like this chick too.

I’m told she’s scary smart and cute. What more could I want? High sex drive, I suppose. I would like to not be turned down for sex again, if I can help it. The Ex was bad about that. The sex itself was fine, but the frequency needed was not met. The funny thing is after she got with the fiance she had the same problem I did. Then complained to me about it. I hardly felt sympathetic. LA was a huuuuge improvement in that area… When we were actually in the same state and room.

But yes, the chances may be good I will get laid this year. I certainly hope so.



  1. *crosses fingers*

  2. Maybe it’s like faeries. If enough of you out there clap loud enough I’ll get laid!

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