shoes matter more than you think

January 15, 2008

You ever notice how one little thing can throw off all your well laid plans, change how you feel, and even how others perceive you? Well, I can’t be sure about the latter example, but shoes did the rest to me.

I have a certain way of walking, almost a swagger but less smarmy and more relaxed. Very relaxed. Measured. Calculated. Specific. I can’t explain how I do it well, but it requires certain shoes. I have two pair I actually wear on a regular basis. One is rather thick soled (at least making me an inch taller) and helped me develop my walk. The other are more natural feeling, like walking barefoot. Changing them out messes up my walk.

Yeah, it’s odd that I say I don’t care but I get a haircut and try to dress decent. I don’t care, but I have ‘The Walk’. I don’t care, but I obviously do. I like to think it’s more for myself than others, though.

The problem is that I need new shoes. The thick soled ones are just ragged and old, much as I love them. The ex knows, I didn’t like them at first. They weren’t me. But they became me. I’m trying to find similar ones, but have failed so far. This week I need shoes, though. Hopefully they won’t mess with my swagger.


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