when a joke flops

January 14, 2008

When a joke flops, it’s very sad. But by god once I’ve committed to something I see that shit through and run it into the ground. Charming is aware of my method now.

We discovered last night that the reason I can’t find a woman is singular and all my fault. I need to get over the ex. I said something about magic and a naked dance around a bonfire, and once committed I also divulged the dangers of burning ash on the unprotected nether regions. The first half went fine, the latter not so much.

As a side note, she’s very right. The ex is half my problem. Worrying about rejection is the other. She also chastised me for the 19 year old chick, but nothing’s happening there so I think I’m safe for the moment from further lashings.

She claims women our age are not mysterious or complicated. That she really wants a good conversationalist, and likely others do as well. When I say ‘That’s fine and dandy, but how do I tell interest in me?’ she tells me men are oblivious. Which is true. Example: At work a chick came in and her makeup made her look terrible. I tell this to Kim and she says ‘She’s doing that for you. She comes in twice a week and changes her hair and makeup every time. She also doesn’t take her eyes off you.’ Charming says ‘See’. Problem being, to me, she’s obviously unattractive. Ugly? No. We agree that that’s fine because physical attraction is necessary to start with, but also cuteness is in the eye of the beholder.

All in all, a nice fun conversation. Though I did promise that next time we can talk about her more. Just to balance things out, you know.


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